Notice for the graduate candidate interview at MILab

MILab is interviewing individual applicants who passed the official POSTECH document screening (the 1st phase).

In the 2nd phase, the face-to-face interview (or online through Zoom) will be conducted. Most of the interview questions will not be the problems that require significant memorization but a deep understanding of concepts; thus, any cram will not work.

All the interview questions are related to the following contexts:


<Mathematics Background>
– Basic probability and statistics
– Linear algebra
– Basic function analysis

<EECS Background>
– Signal processing
– Programming & algorithm
– Basic machine learning (+ back-propagation)
– System design (Google the system design interview for industrial positions)

– Basic English writing skill


Interview date (tentative): 1.5 hours out of May, 7-9, 2020. (Thu. – Sat.)

Interview method: Discussion over a whiteboard

I hope to see you at the interview session. Good luck.