2021 Spring AMI Lab admission

Postech AMI Lab (PAMI) is looking for self-motivated prospective graduate students.
If you are interested in joining AMI Lab, please read the following CAREFULLY.

  • At this moment, we’re putting a high priority on candidates who will be promoted to a PhD program with strong motivation. Candidates who apply MS program only may not be considered at this moment.
  • Research intern positions are available.
    It is strongly recommended to have a research intern experience with AMI lab at least 3 months.
  • Before discussing any potential position, PLEASE send an email along with your CV and transcript.

📄 Phase 1: Official Screening

PLEASE send your up-to-date Curriculum Vitae (CV or resume) and Official Transcript (optionally portfolio would be very helpful to understand your background) through an email (taehyun@postech.ac.kr), if you plan to apply our lab.
IF you don’t submit your CV and transcript, we do not consider you as a candidate.

Please apply directly to the university, and get admission first
(Please refer to https://adm-g.postech.ac.kr for detailed admission information).
Send an email right before/after your application to let Prof. Tae-Hyun Oh know that you applied and are interested in AMI lab.

If you have passed the official 1st screening, AMI Lab will schedule an individual face-to-face interview (or online through Zoom). Detailed notice about the interview will be on this website after the 1st phase.

📅 Phase 2: One-to-one interview

  1. AMILab is interviewing individual applicants who passed the official POSTECH document screening (the 1st phase).
  2. In the 2nd phase, you should pass the face-to-face interview (or online through Zoom). Most of the interview questions would not be the problems that require significant memorization but a deep understanding of concepts.
  3. Interview contents
    – Text book: Mathematics for Machine Learning, Cambridge University Press
    (Free PDF available in https://mml-book.github.io/)

    All the interview questions are related to the following contexts:
    <Mathematics Background>
    – Basic probability and statistics
    – Linear algebra
    – Basic function analysis

    <EECS Background>
    – Signal processing
    – Programming & algorithm
    – Basic machine learning (+ back-propagation)
    – System design (Please google "system design interview" for industrial positions)

    – Basic English writing skill
  4. Interview length: 1.5 hours
  5. Interview method: Discussion over a whiteboard

We hope to see you at the interview session. Good luck🤞!

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